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QGrass step by step artificial grass installation guide

  Step 1 – Excavation

Remove the natural grass using a turf cutter or mini digger. Excavate until you reach a solid base. This can be from 25mm to 100mm.
Compact the base with a wacker plate or roller.

  Step 2 – Perimeter edgings

Use standard 4 x 1 or 2 x 1 tanalised timber and 18” or 6” ground stakes.
Insert the stakes into the ground around the perimeter.
Screw the timber framework to the stakes.
Hint – Ideally the wood should be inserted so that it is flush with the surrounding areas. I.e. the same height as the paving slabs. This ensures that the wood is not felt underfoot. If the framework needs to be higher – remember to wrap the grass over the frame to hide it.

  Step 3 – Weed and worm prevention membrane

Cover the base with a weed prevention membrane, available from QGardens or any good builders merchants.

  Step 4 – Getting the base ready

A variety of aggregates may be used – granite sand or sharp sand or grit sand.
This depends on what is available from your builders merchants. Make sure it compacts and you cannot see a foot print in the sand once it has been compacted with a wacker plate or roller. If you need to excavate deeper than 3” use a MOT Type 1 crushed aggregate first and level off with a finer grit sand.

  Step 5 – Rolling out the artificial grass

Rolls of QGrass artificial grass is available in 2.00m or 4.00m widths.
Hint - Make sure you have enough man power on site to help lift and roll the grass!


  Step 6 – Joining and Seaming

Join and seam the grass using QGrass special purpose seaming tape and adhesive.
Hint – Do not overlap the grass or leave a gap, otherwise the joins will be visible.

The adhesive will take approximately 2 hours to cure, weigh the seams down with bricks or a heavy object.
Once the seams have been done – nail the grass onto or over the wooden framework using 6” Clout nails.

  Step 7 – Dressing the grass

Use kiln dried sand in 25 kilo bags available from your local builders merchants.
The amount of sand depends on the pile height of the grass. Your QGrass sales team will tell you how much sand to buy.
Spread the sand evenly over the grass using a drop spreader.
The sand will disappear into the pile of the grass but brush any excess sand into the grass with a stiff

  Step 8 – Sit back, pour yourself a drink and enjoy your beautiful QGardens lawn.