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Q Grass Features

Q Grass artificial grass is the perfect solution for use in children's play areas, nurseries, private gardens, home play areas and around swimming pools. Q Grass gives the look of natural grass with the added benefit of low maintenance.

Why choose Q Grass?

  • Natural looking, low maintenance alternative to natural turf.
  • Makes your garden accessible all year round.
  • Luxurious feel underfoot.
  • Free draining, no mud, no weeds, no cutting, no blocked pool filters.
  • Exceptional durability with UV stability.
  • Memory filament means no flattening.
  • Invisible joints.
  • Professional installation service.
  • Favourable price alternative to paving or tiling.
  • Option for safety surfacing beneath for play areas - critical fall height for up to 4m.
  • Child and Pet friendly surface.
  • Ideal for the busy modern day lifestyle.

The following comparisons demonstrate in both mechanical and aesthetic terms how Q Grass artificial grass surpasses quality standards for natural turf.

Q Frost resistance? A The extremely low absorbency of the polypropylene ensures high frost resistance and no deterioration due to de-icing salts.
Q Slip resistance? A Q Grass artificial grass has greater resistence to slip than tiles or decking and is manufactured from LSR (low slip resistant) yarns.
Q Colour retention A Q Grass artificial grass is UV stable 100% for 8 years and only slightly lightens thereafter.
Q Fire/Heat resistance? A Q Grass artificial grass achieves class 1 rating when filled with sand, and class 2 if left unfilled. In the peanut fire test it achieves a self extinguishing rating. Q Grass artificial grass becomes less hot than tile or concrete when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight.
Q Care/Maintenance? A Advice can be given on care and maintenance dependant upon usage, eg. sport, leisure, landscaping, frequency of use etc.
No watering