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MultiPlay Safety Surface System

Designed with children in mind

QGrass MultiPlay Safety Surface System is specifically designed for children’s nurseries and play areas both public and private. With health & safety at the top of the agenda, closely followed by a national concern over the levels of childhood obesity and the need to provide as much outdoor play space as possible, QGardens MultiPlay Safety Surface system provides an all-round winning combination.

This superb system incorporates QGrass artificial grass with Pro-Play impact matting to create an aesthetically pleasing surface combined with a critical fall height of up to 3 metres depending on individual requirements.

The benefits of installing our MultiPlay Safety Surface System are numerous. It gives the freedom of year round outdoor access, allowing children as much fresh air and exercise as they need. It is environmentally beneficial in that it requires no watering, weeding, fertilizing or mowing.

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The safety surface system with artificial turf consists of:
▪ ProPlay impact absorbing matting
▪ Artificial turf with a pile height of minimal 24mm
▪ 25 kg per square metre of kiln dried sand.

QGrass artificial grass is a durable, safe, clean artificial turf which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but which also has the following attributes:-
▪ UV stabilised, heat and frost proof
▪ Free draining & quick drying
▪ Minimum maintenance
▪ Non-abrasive – soft to touch, soft to sit on
▪ Aesthetically pleasing colour
▪ 10 year warranty against colour fade

Pro-Play Impact Matting: A shockpad which has been rigorously tested to European Safety Standards EN 1177 & BS 7188: 1989.
▪ Quality controlled Factory Production
▪ Horizontal and Vertical Drainage Properties
▪ Made from recycled rubber products
▪ Heat proof and frost proof below 0 Celsius
▪ Interlocking tiles for ease of installation

H.I.C. Values – Critical Fall Heights
ProPlay is specially developed and made to use in a shock absorbing surface system for children play areas. Schmitz Foam Products guarantees the H.I.C. values as mentioned below for a period of 7 years.

ProPlay 24 + artificial grass + 25kg/m2 sand = H.I.C. Value of 1.30metre Critical Fall Height
ProPlay 35 + artificial grass + 25kg/m2 sand = H.I.C. Value of 1.60metre Critical Fall Height
ProPlay 70 + artificial grass + 25kg/m2 sand = H.I.C. Value of 3.00metre Critical Fall height