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Fake Grass

Fake grass is an ideal alternative to the 'real thing' in a number of different situations, primarily because once it is laid it requires very liitle maintenance. The colour of QGrass fake grass is UV stabilised which means that the colour will not degrade significantly despite the best efforts of the sun! This has ramifications for applications such as Golf courses and roof balconies where exposure  to the sun's rays during daylight hours is permanent so the quality od the the fake grass will be severly tested.  If you took the decision to opt for Qgrass fake grass you will not be disappointed. Call us now for Fake Grass

Even in hot climates where the sun is even stronger and summer months longer than the UK, QGrass fake grass is highly resistant to colour fade, which makes it ideal for applications around swimming pools and golf courses. Remember also that our fake grass is easily cut to the right shapes and angles so that a quality finish is always going to be attainable.

For more information on Qgrass fake grass give us a call anytime and we will be happy to discuss the type of grass that would be most suitable to the application you are looking at.

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