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QGrass case studies

Newcastle Upon Tyne

The photograph shows the original natural grass lawn which although had been cut regularly and looked after, shows signs of fatigue.
The owners wanted an attractive lawn to admire when they were relaxing in their hot tub.
A phone call to QGrass solves the problem.


QGrass Ltd prepare the garden.

The natural turf is stripped off using a turf cutter.

Grit sand is applied and rolled over the area.

The sub base must be firm to walk on.


QGrass Q40 artificial grass is laid on top of the compacted sub base.

An infill of kiln dried sand is applied on top of the fibres – this helps to weigh the grass down.

The end result – a beautiful, lush lawn.




The owners of this garden asked QGrass to remove the old, dated ‘First Generation’ artificial grass.

The artificial grass was still functional but after 10 years the owner wanted a fresh new look.



QGrasss lifted the old grass and put down Q40 – a 40mm third generation artificial grass.

The artificial grass was infilled with kiln dried sand………



…..And the results were amazing.

Q40 looks and feels like the real thing, without the high maintenance involved in looking after real grass.

Now the owner and his dogs can enjoy their lawn for many years to come.




The picture shows the garden before artificial grass was installed. Although the grass was in near perfect condition the client decided he’d rather have an artificial lawn which requires very little attention to look perfect.


The first step was to remove the natural grass with a turf cutter, to a depth of 75mm.


The ground was then compacted with a roller and a weed control membrane was laid on top of the compacted base.

A grit sand base was then applied and levelled.


QGrass artificial grass was then rolled out, carefully positioned and fitted to a wooden framework.


The edges of the grass were joined with a special purpose seaming tape and an all weather adhesive.


The seams are carefully joined, making sure they are completely invisible to the naked eye.


The grass then requires a sand infill.


And now the owners can enjoy a perfect lawn all year round that requires no moving, weeding, feeding or watering.