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Natural looking, low maintenance, affordable
Artificial Grass

Water shortages, weeds, excessive use and lack of attention. All these things contribute to poor turf condition, wherever it may be. Q Grass unique synthetic artificial grass technology improves upon high quality natural turf. Just sit back and enjoy lush green all year round.

Q Grass - Artificial Grass

The perfect solution for

In fact, any situation where robustness and presentation are needed and where natural grass may not be an appropriate option. Click to see more application examples of Q Grass artifical grass solutions, or click Case Studies or FAQ's for more information.

QGrass offers a top quality range of synthetic surfaces, assuring our customer we push the standard in product development and installation methods.

We offer a full installation service of our artificial grass products or our customers can buy direct and we’ll supply you with an installation guide.

Why not install your very own synthetic golf putting green?
With the feel and playability of natural greens without the hassle or cost of maintenance, you can rely on consistent putts with true roll from every position on your QGrass artificial golf green.


And the best part is that you only have to do two things, contact Q Grass and enjoy the finished product!

Q Grass - Artificial Grass

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At QGrass we make a real difference to our customers because first and foremost we are passionate about our products, we understand how important your purchase is.

Whether you are considering artificial grass for a garden or perhaps you need a hand holding exercise to revamp an old tarmac playground into a clean, green, safe play environment.

We aim to make your experience with QGrass seamless, from the correct product selection for your needs and beyond through to the playing lifecycle of the surface.